Why siliance?

Today, more than ever, product development groups are under incredible pressure to reduce their costs while improving their time to market. Do more with less.  Most want to or need to outsource some or all of their product development, they just don't know how. 

All of the offshore suppliers look like they can meet your needs, but how do you know?  They all say they can provide multiple functions with ourstanding results, but do your believe it?  Who has the time and resources to vet all of your suppliers? 

siliance was formed to fill that need.

siliance is a design solution company that knows how to do offshoring.  We don't belive everything our Partners say on their website either!  We carefully vet and qualify their skill and IP so you don't have to.  We then market to our customers only the skills and IP that we know will meet your stringent requirements. 

When siliance proposes a Partner you know they are ready for Prime Time!

We have many satisfied customers who have remained our customers for years.  With each new engagement we strive to increase our value.

siliance is a product development solution company that partners with offshore design services, IP (intellectual property) and embedded software companies for the highest quality and cost effective development and support of hardware and software products.  In addition, siliance has onshore engineers that can augment your professional staff or provide the leadership  and oversight to our offshore Partners. 

siliance services markets development solutions for semiconductors, IoT systems, image processing, AI and deep learning, wireless communications, network appliances, embedded systems, industrial automation, robotics, medical instrumentation, and ADAS electronics.

Our product development solutions are divided in two major segments:

Semiconductor Solutions and Product Realization Solutions:


Semiconductor Solutions provide analog, digital and mixed signal hardware and software services and solutions for ASIC, SoC and FPGA development and verification.

Product Realization solutions provide analog and digital hardware and software services for embedded systems and IoT.