Embedded Firmware Design


We have extensive experience with embedded software development using major development platforms such as VxWorks or LINUX, but also including real-time operating environments such as ThreadX, MicroC and many others.  We have developed software for medical monitoring equipment, industrial manufacturing systems, communications and security appliances and imaging systems.  Depending on your requirements,  we can engage at the specification level or at the SQA test and validation levels.  Don't hesitate to request a quote for any of the development or support work you have in mind.

Firmware Specification

We have developed many specifications from our customer's marketing requirements.  This document is a living document throughout the life-cycle of your product and is rigorously kept up to date. 

Embedded Firmware Development

Once the specification is completed we can provide staff level development resources or the entire embedded team to implement the embedded software.  

Firmware Validation and QA

Many of our customers write the embedded firmware and they task us with the critical requirement of firmware validation and test.  In this function we ensure the functionality and performance of the embedded software and develop test and regression suites to guarantee that bugs do not get introduced during the development process. 

Verification & Co-Simulation

Many times there is a co-design of support hardware or the device under test is a SoC (System on a Chip).  In this function we combine our hardware verification expertise with that of the embedded firmware so we mutually verify both the hardware and the firmware to ensure they function as required.  This may include building a hardware emulation prototype of the chip and/or booting the operating system on the co-simulation.