System Test, SQA and Support


This is the part of the life-cycle where the rubber meets the road.  All of the development components come together for integration and testing.  We can be a part of your lab integration team or we can do the lab integration for you and deliver working prototypes to your product team.  If the ongoing manufacturer of your product is done by your CM (contract manufacturer) we can interface directly with them to provide seamless support at this critical time. 

Board Test

We work with your team or offshore this work completely to fully test and qualify the product.  This includes compliance testing for radiation and safety compliance for international agencies such as FCC, TUV, CSA, etc.

Software Integration Test

We work with your team to ensure the software configures and functions correctly and achieves the performance required.  This process is documented and automated as required by your software publishing group.

SQA and Configuration Testing

We can develop the SQA plan and develop the tests that will put the product through it's multiple configurations such that all of the worst corner cases are validated for performance and functionality. 

Beta Test

We can support any requirement for beta testing of the product up to and including first level support. 


The released product is shipped to your customer.

Sustaining Engineering and Support

We can support the product both from a hardware or software sustaining engineering or continuation engineering point of view.  Why use your product development resources to support your product where we can do it for you at substantially less cost and even more importantly substantially less opportunity costs.  If you are supporting your existing products then you are not developing new products fast enough.  We can solve that problem for you.